8 fun Halloween treat bag ideas 2022

8 fun Halloween treat bag ideas 2022

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year. And while we all love to dress up, and carve pumpkins, there's no doubt that the best part of Halloween is getting to eat all the treats!

Of course, Halloween isn't just about eating sweets — it's also about giving them away. But when it comes to giving out candy on this spooky holiday, there are plenty of different options in terms of what kind of treat bag you use to hand out your goodies.

Here are some great ideas for Halloween treat bag ideas.

1. Use a black plastic garbage bag as a trick-or-treat bag

This is probably one of the cheapest options out there and a very simple way to make sure that no one accidentally eats their candy before they're supposed to!

2. Make your own personalized treat bags using craft paper or fabric

You can use any paper or fabric that you like — just make sure it's big enough for your child (or yourself) to carry around without having their hands full all night long!

3. Make a DIY pumpkin candy bucket

This idea calls for using foil instead of paper or fabric for your gift bag but would look really cute once it has been assembled!

4.Make your own bags

You can use just about any kind of paper for this project — even newspaper and magazines will work! If you're feeling ambitious, cut out and assemble the bags yourself. If not, buy them pre-made at your local craft store.

5. Use cookie cutters

You can use cookie cutters to make shapes on plain white paper bags (or draw them freehand). Then decorate with markers, crayons, glitter or stickers to create unique designs that fit the theme of your party.

6.Glue on spooky decorations

Dress up plain brown paper grocery bags by gluing on spooky decorations like round eyes or sequins in colors that match the colors in your party decorations — red for vampires or black for witches, for example! You could even add some fake blood if you want to be really scary!

7.Decorate with Sharpie markers

Sharpies are great for drawing on paper bags and plastic grocery store bags alike! You might want to do this after you've packed their candy inside the bag so there's less risk of it getting smudged from your handiwork.

8.Make an eye-catching design

Make an eye-catching design by using glitter glue and paint pens. These will look especially festive if you use orange or black instead of traditional colors like red or green. You could even add some Halloween-themed stickers or patches for extra flair!

Halloween is a great time for kids and adults to get creative with their treats. Whether you're planning on handing out candy to trick-or-treaters or hosting a Halloween party, treat bags are a fun way to add some spooky flair to your festivities. Try the above 8 fun ideas to spend a wonderful Halloween party 2022!


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